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What is Access?

Access is the young adult (ages 18-29) ministry of Reslife Church with a mission to see young people brought into the family of God and to walk with them on a journey of discipleship. Our desire is for every person to encounter God in a personal and very real way, to create opportunities for young people to engage with the community and equip young people for the work of the ministry. 


Young Adult Service | 7 pm | Ground Floor



During the Sunday morning services, you can find a group of our young people at the 11:30 am service in the front left section, if you are looking at the stage. 



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Rally | Thursday, January 13 | 7:00 pm

Calling all young adults to Rally! We are contending for a move of God in our generation. As we start a new year and as college students prepare to return to college life, we are rallying to see the love and truth of Jesus COVER THE EARTH.

Here’s what you can expect if you’re coming to Rally for the first time:

  • Gathering of young Adults from 18-29
  • Passionate expressions of worship
  • 35 minute sermon from Pastor Jake
  • Extended times of prayer
  • A community that loves Jesus and loves each other

Real Talk | Friday March 25 | 6:30 – 9:00 pm & Saturday March 26 | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
A weekend of healing of our own sexual history and talking about cultural topics of sex and sexuality. At ResLife we are dedicated to address topics of sex and sexuality authentically, humbly and biblically.

  • Create an environment where sexual history and brokenness can be talked about
  • Create an environment where sexual history and brokenness can be healed
  • Reclaim God’s design for sex



Contact us at (616) 261-0159 ext 3445 |  [email protected] | @accessrlc on IG 

Jake Blaukamp

Jake Blaukamp

Access Pastor

Tiffany Mauer

Tiffany Mauer

Access Worship Leader

Kyme Burhans

Kyme Burhans

Access Ministry Assistant