Financial Classes are designed to give a Biblical perspective on our finances. Join us on the Generous Life Facebook & YouTube pages.

For information on all Generous Life Financial Classes Contact: Greg (616) 261-3762 or Generous Life Ministry

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Financial Freedom Workshop

A six-week financial workshop packed with powerful spiritual and practical truths. It’s a fun and interactive journey with trained leaders as your guide to greater freedom. Spiritually, you’ll learn about your authority & purpose in the Kingdom and how to use your faith in the area of finances. Practically, we will share proven money strategies to pay for education, handling debt, purchasing cars, homes, saving and investing, all while building a budget.

Sundays, 5 pm | Location: Community Room

Class Dates:

  • February 7 – March 14
  • April 11 – May 16
  • August 1 – September 5
  • October 3 – November 7

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Estate Planning

No matter your age or phase of life, you should prepare for the future. This interactive workshop provides a simple process to create a plan that works so you can pass Godly wisdom and wealth to those you value and love most. You will also gain access to one-on-one assistance from a professional advisor to guide you through the process. The workshop is free but registration is required.

Location: Olive Tree

Class Dates:

  • Saturday, May 15 | 9:30 am
  • Sunday, May 16 |9:30 am and 11:30 am.
  • Saturday, Sept 25 | 9:30 am
  • Sunday, Sept 26 | 9:30 am and 11:30 am


Road Map To Retireement

Join us for a Biblically-based four-week class about wealth and retirement planning. Get empowered and encouraged as you dream, plan for, and build your future. Children’s ministry is available for ages 11 and under. Registration is required.

Tuesdays, 6 pm | Location: Community Room

Class Dates:

  • April 20 – May 11
  • November 16 – December 7



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One-on-one personal financial coaching. Trained coaches can help you with practical financial issues and ongoing accountability so you can continue to make progress towards your goals. Registration Required.

Third Sunday of the Month | 9 – 10:30 am | Online




Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace

Take control of your finances! Financial Peace University is a money class that teaches step-by-step how to create a budget, pay off debt, spend wisely, and save for the future.

Tuesdays, 6pm | Location: Community Room

Class Dates:

  • Spring Classes TBA
  • September 7 – November 9

Mentorship Training

Come learn about an exciting new opportunity to become a Mentor! Walk alongside a person or family as they develop the spiritual and practical skills needed for successful living. Couples and singles of all ages encouraged to get involved. Registration Required.

Sundays, 11:30 am | Location: Olive Tree

Class Dates:

  • March 28
  • May 23
  • September 12