Ministry Update



I want to say thank you and recognize you as the Apostle Paul recognized the Philippians for their help in his church planting ministry. In Philippians 1:3 and 5, Paul said, “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you…for your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” Because of your partnership in the gospel here at ResLife Church, so many great things have happened and even more are on the horizon!

In 2021, we paid off the last $5,000,000 of our mortgage! It was absolutely phenomenal, and, to me, it was supernatural. 


Thank you so very, very much. We also had over 2,000 salvations and baptized 272 people! We partner locally and globally with other ministries, and last year we gave over $2,500,000 to send the gospel all around the world! One of the new and exciting things, this year was launching the Children’s Anti-Exploitation Partnership (CAP) Program here in West Michigan. The CAP office is located inside the Wyoming Police Department. The police haven’t historically had an option for girls that are exhibiting behaviors online that often lead to sex trafficking, but the CAP program allows the officer to connect the girl and her family to the CAP advocate for counseling and mentorship. ResLife funds the program so that Crisis Aid International can manage and staff it to the highest capability. Since January, the CAP Program has counseled over 60 girls and family members. This is a tremendous blessing in our community!


On a similar note, we are looking forward to building a safe house where we will be ministering to girls that are rescued out of sex trafficking. These girls will be referred by the police or FBI. Crisis Aid International will manage and staff the home, and it will be located right here on the ResLife property! Architects are currently finalizing the plans which will go before the city for approval very soon! We are navigating the building process as quickly as possible and estimate that the entire project will cost about $7,500,000. The home will allow us to minister to the person that has been so lost and abused. Think of Jesus’s story of the shepherd with the 99 sheep—one is lost, and he leaves to go find that one lost sheep. That’s really what this program is all about. We will be able to share the Gospel with these girls, and their lives are going to be changed!

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

2021 Budget

ResLife Church is committed to operating with financial integrity and performs an annual audit with an independent accounting firm, Morris, Sweeris & Tromp.
The ResLife Church board of Elders oversees all financial and legal operations to ensure that all funds are being used for maximum efficiency and with the utmost integrity.  The financials provided in this report are based on audited information from January 1 – December 31 of 2021, in alignment with our fiscal calendar year.




  • Staff (Nation Wide Average 40-50%) 40% 40%
  • Paying Off Mortgage 27% 27%
  • Ministry Expense 15% 15%
  • Missions 14% 14%
  • Capital Improvements 4% 4%

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