March 3 & 4, 2023

For 6th – 12th grade Students at ResLife Church in Grandville MI

OneHeart Conference is a power-packed weekend full of connection, excitement, and encounters with God. It is a place where 6th – 12th-grade students come to build relationships, be equipped, and to be inspired to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to bring students together with ‘One Heart’ and in one accord to encounter God and leave empowered to make a difference in their families, schools, churches, and the world.

Our theme for this year’s conference is ‘Immanuel’. Immanuel is the title given to Jesus at His birth that means ‘God With Us’. This is not just a word for the Christmas season, it is a profound reality of the Christian life! In Jesus, God has come to do life WITH us. This is, in fact, what it means to be a Christian. Being a Christian is about trusting that in Jesus, a new way of life has been made available to us. Not just a new way, but THE way. The only way that truly leads to life. We enter into that ‘true life’ not by doing things FOR God, but instead by learning to walk WITH God. In this sense, a synonym for the Christian life is the ‘With God” life.

This year at OneHeart conference our prayer is that students would awaken to the reality that God is with them and that being a Christian is about personally knowing God and living life with Him. Living the “With God” life requires trust. Trust and belief in Jesus Christ, Immanuel, God who has come to be with us. The question we will be asking over the course of the weekend is simply this: Do you believe that Jesus’ way of life, is truly the best possible way that you could live your life? We believe that over the course of the conference, the Spirit of God will do the work of convincing hearts that indeed, Jesus’ way of life, the “With God” life, is truly the best life.

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