Discipleship and Internship


Nine-Month Program | New Program Begins August 30, 2021

Vision: This program is designed to raise up the next generation of leaders (ages 18 – 25) to be connected to the heart of the Father, to embrace their identity in Christ, and equip them to release Kingdom culture into their sphere of influence.

These nine months are designed to catapult young people into their future with God with clear direction, vision, and identity. Our passion is to release people to become the person that God has called them to be.

Topics of Study: Kingdom Foundations, How to Study the Bible, Healthy Relationships & Communication Skills, Prayer, Leadership, Worship, Ministry Training, Strengths Assessments, Finance/Budgeting, etc.

Cost: $1,500 (if applied by July 15, 2021) • $1,700 (if applied after July 15, 2021)

View application for more details. No cost to apply.

All applicants will go through an interview process. The first meeting is an open house explaining details about the Program and answering questions. Parents are welcome to attend. We encourage any student interested in learning more about the Program to apply.


Vision: This program is an extension of the Discipleship Program for those who feel a call or interest in ministry/ministry experience.

Internship opportunities can be discussed in the Discipleship Program interview process. See the Discipleship application above to apply.


“The ResLife Discipleship Program is designed to come alongside people 18-25 years old on their journey of faith to define the call of God in their life and give them a Kingdom worldview. We will equip them with the tools to become spiritually mature, relationally healthy, effective leaders. The goal of the program is to draw the greatness that God has placed in them to bring change to the world around them.” – Pastor Tom Smith, Senior Associate Pastor, ResLife

“I genuinely believe that what they’ve done in this program so far has equipped me & given me tools to be successful in life- from how i handle my conversations & confrontations with people, to learning scripture & being able to dive in & feel confident enough to do it.” – Ricky L., Discipleship Program Alumni

“I walked through the past nine months and I gained a family.” – Kailyn N., Discipleship Program Alumni

“We have watched students come alive in their walk with Christ as God has done major work in not only their lives but the lives of their families and peer groups. I recommend this program for any young adult who wants to grow in the character of Christ and learn what it looks like to live life in the Kingdom of God!” -Nick Mayo, Ministry Director of the ResLife Discipleship Program

“If you’re in a season of transition and searching for what the Lord has on your life and the plans that He has, and if you want to learn to grow in relationship with him and connect with him more, and be surrounded by brothers and sisters doing the same thing, then I highly recommend the Discipleship Program.” -Lauren D., Discipleship Program Alumni

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