March 5 & 6, 2021


OneHeart Conference is a power-packed weekend full of connection, excitement, and encounters with God. It is a place where 6th – 12th grade students come to build relationships, become equipped, and be inspired to live as passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to bring students together with ‘One Heart’ and with one accord to encounter God and leave empowered to make a difference in the world.

This year, the focus of OneHeart Conference is “We Follow Jesus”. It is a back-to-basics, call to action, to embrace that Jesus is Lord. In a world full of idols and options, what does it look like to worship, submit to, and ultimately follow Jesus above all else? That’s the question we’re going after this year at OneHeart Conference.

Our goal this year is that students would leave with a deeper understanding and revelation of what it means to follow Jesus and that they would be inspired to do so. Our hope is that every student who attends experiences the true freedom that is found in submission to Jesus as the Lord of our Lives and the King of Heaven and Earth.

Event Activities

Small Groups: On the first night of the conference, students are broken up into small groups of their friends, peers, and leaders. After each session, they meet as a group to discuss and connect. This brings a deeper relational component to OneHeart that sets this conference apart.

Fun Activities: Our activities this year will include pottery painting, glow dodgeball, trike racing, canvas painting, mini-golf, volleyball, basketball and concourse games.

Dynamic Speakers & Specialized Breakout Sessions: In addition to our dynamic speakers (more details below), we have specialized breakouts where students can choose a topic that relates to them. This year’s sessions are all themed with the idea of following Jesus in a specific ‘life path’. The session options include: “Following Jesus in the Creative Arts”, “Following Jesus in Business”, “Following Jesus in Raising a Family”, and “Following Jesus with Your Whole Life”.


Covid-19: How Will OneHeart Look Different?

  • In alignment with the Health Department, we recommend everyone wear a mask, but they are not required for attendance. 
  • Masks will be required to play games, where food is being served, and to purchase merchandise.
  • Attendees will be socially distanced in the Worship Center during main sessions and will remain in the pews during worship.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout the building.
  • High volume areas will be sanitized frequently.

Please refrain from attending OneHeart Conference if:

  • You’re not feeling well or have had a fever in the last 14 days.
  • You have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid in the last 14 days.
  • You are immunocompromised.



Take advantage of the current registration rates! Rates increase the day of the conference. Interested in volunteering? We have many opportunities available to impact our youth at this conference. Sign up to come to the conference or as a volunteer.

Elaan, (616) 249-3714,

OneHeart Conference Speakers

Micah Schoeplien

Micah Schoeplien


Micah is the Youth and Young Adult Pastor at Road To Life Church in St. Joseph, MI. His passion is electric and his teaching is engaging and inspiring! He carries a passion to see the world changed through youth on fire with the love and power of God.

Having traveled with The Circuit Riders and other influential groups, Micah has powerful testimonies of how God is moving all across the earth in power, love, and revival! He has been the key speaker at many youth events, conferences, and school assemblies and has an incredible gift in speaking to young people.

Micah is truly a pioneer in bringing the gospel of Jesus into the local schools. He regularly speaks at and visits the schools of St. Joseph and last year held 18 assemblies at public schools. He is a dynamic force and inspires students to bring the message of Jesus’ love everywhere they go.

Jake Blauwkamp

Jake Blauwkamp


Jake is the Youth and Young Adult Pastor at ResLife Church in Grandville, MI. He carries a heart and passion to see souls won and disciples made for Jesus.

The revelation he lives out is that we are all called to be ministers of the Gospel, and now he has the honor of imparting that passion to a generation of young believers everywhere he goes. His preaching and testimonies of the goodness of God are an invitation to step into a deeper revelation of who we are in Christ.

Jake truly carries the heart of the Father, both in his family and the ministries he pastors. He is a force for the kingdom of God, that refuses to let a generation of believers settle for complacent Christianity.




Evan-Tarence Lauchie resides in Grand Rapids where he has had the opportunity and privilege to engage and serve the community through ministry at his church, his work at a local elementary school, and his role as an entrepreneur and owner of a production company.
As a musician, producer, comedian, and educator Evan often views life from multiple perspectives and lenses. No matter the avenue of expression, Evan’s life goal, passion, and purpose are to influence culture in a way that points people to God.
In 2016 this passion came full circle when Evan launched DreamStone productions, a company that produces music, apparel, and entertainment with the aim of influencing culture. In addition to all of these hats, Evan and his wife Alisha were ecstatic to begin a new journey as parents 6 months ago when they had their son Elijah whom they love more than anything.